NAVER LABS to Collaborate with LG Electronics on Robot R&D based around the xDM Platform

Last year, we unveiled the xDM platform for the first time at DEVIEW. The xDM platform is an integrative location and mobility technology that combines other technologies being researched at NAVER LABS, including robot and AI-based HD mapping, location and navigation technologies, and precision data. The aim of the xDM platform is to develop various mobility and space-based services. As part of the effort, we introduced various location-based services and self-driving services through the xDM platform at CES 2019. This includes NAVER LABS’ AR navigation, self-driving vehicle, service robot, and ADAS. Furthermore, today we begin our collaboration with LG Electronics, applying our xDM platform to LG Electronics’ CLOi robot.

Applying the xDM platform to robotics, it is possible to render an indoor self-driving technology supporting precise control through the use of only low-cost sensors and low processing power. This is achieved by dividing the required functions and roles, that is, by allocating the map creation task to a mapping robot, and the location identification and route creation tasks to the xDM cloud. Through the partnership with LG Electronics, we intend to amplify the efficiency and precision of the CLOi robot by applying the strength of the xDM platform while perfecting it accuracy as an integrative location and mobility platform by utilizing the newly collected data.

NAVER LABS will continue the joint research and development efforts with LG Electronics regarding the application of the xDM platform to other devices. We plan to conduct demonstration projects for performance improvement and optimization, and find new ways to utilize the data collected through the collaborative project between the CLOi robot and the xDM platform. Integrating proprietary technologies of the two companies, we expect new technological innovation to arise from the achievement of a great synergy effect.

The ambient intelligence research of NAVER LABS aims to provide useful services that naturally integrate into the daily living space. We intend to develop new services and tools that understand the contexts of everyday life in all spaces you where people reside. Hand in hand with a great partner, we will continue our efforts to realize this vision.

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