AKI, ambient intelligence for kids

NAVER LABS, an ambient intelligence company specialized in location & mobility announced AKI at DEVIEW 2017.
‘AKI,’ a location and mobility watch device for elementary school children and parents provides safety solutions by recognizing relationships as an important factor.

Parents are naturally worried or concerned about their young children when they’re not with them. They’ll often want to know if they‘ve arrived safely at school or who they’re with at different times throughout the day. Children may also need to be reassured that someone will be there to pick them up after school and when. To answer these questions a number of pieces of information need to be gathered including accurate locations and places of where people are. AKI is designed to provide parents with information on where their children are at any time and can alert them when they’re in an unhabitual place or performing unusual activities and movements.

AKI utilizes Naver Labs’ own WPS (WiFi positioning system), which provides the exact position even indoors and its automatically controlled, low power location detection recognizes behaviour. It is equipped with personalized Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology. AKI detects the exact location of the child and how the child is moving with an activity detector and movement classifier. It learns the pattern of the child’s daily routine by analyzing the place, time and situation, so that it can alert parents when there is ‘abnormality’ i.e. a place that is not part of daily routine to child's. When the location of a child has been accurately identified, the information can be communicated in a natural, contextualised way.

NAVER LABS strives to apply ambient intelligence to mobile user environments. AKI identifies important parts of our lives provided by location-based information. The location of a child is precious information that parents of young children naturally want to have. AKI is equipped with the ambient intelligence philosophy and technology of NAVER LABS and will be available this year.