NAVER LABS distributes HD map data free of charge

We are offering HD map dataset and localization dataset produced by NAVER LABS free of charge.


HD maps are the core data for autonomous driving technology. That is why some even liken HD maps to the “brain of autonomous vehicles,” or even an “extra sensor.”

Open data for autonomous driving, disseminated in diverse forms by universities, enterprises and national research institutes, is very precious information. Utilizing such data enables anyone to quickly develop and verify algorithms. However, precision mapping data has thus far been difficult to obtain anywhere. Thus, in order to promote mutual success alongside academia and startups performing similar research, NAVER LABS has decided to provide a portion of its precision data free of charge.

“There are numerous institutions researching autonomous driving based on HD mapping. Having more open data to use is always better, though it continues to be limited. I believe that the data to be made public will be helpful.”
(Sujung Kim, Mapping & Localization)

HD maps to be released to the public were produced with the hybrid HD mapping technology developed in-house by NAVER LABS for rapid production of large-scale precision maps of urban areas. First, the road layout data is extracted from aerial photographs, then the R1 mobile mapping system (MMS) unit produced by NAVER LABS traverses the corresponding area to organically combine the data and produce an HD map. Alongside the mapping data, the localization dataset which is to be released is also crucial data for the development of technology to accurately match location and positioning data in urban areas.

“It is crucial that the localization values of data match the absolute coordinates. Because the dataset comprises HD maps of urban areas like Pangyo and Sangam rather than simple highway data, it is also suitable for technological research in precision localization for complex driving environments.
(Jinhan Lee, Mapping & Localization)

The distribution of the HD map dataset free of charge will be a first for a private company in Korea. NAVER LABS will not only release its data to the public, but also plans to continue to expand the areas provided in the future.

“Although we tend to think of our role as focusing only on the technology itself, the fact is we also feel a sense of mission when looking at it from a perspective of global trends. There are already many enterprises with a similar view in Korea. It has also led to lively social discussion on the topic. I have been thinking about what other roles we can take on for more contributions. I hope that this dataset release becomes one more catalyst for the rapid growth of the many autonomous driving researchers and startups in Korea.
(Jongyoon Peck, Autonomous Driving)


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