Large Size Painting with Infraless Vision-aided Mobile Robot

Hyeonseong Kim, Dongwoo Ko, Byungkwan Jung, Minji Lee, SungPyo Lee
2018 18th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS 2018) Oct. 17–20, 2018; YongPyong Resort, PyeongChang, GangWon, Korea

This paper presents two design principles for developing LSP-Bot (large size painting mobile robot); visual error compensation and wide marker system. Localization error is compensated by vision to enhance the precision of wheel odometry and IMU sensors. The robot corrects the accumulated local error in position using downward-facing camera and sets the global alignment using another backward-facing camera. In order to compensate visual error robustly in lots of tests, a wide marker system is developed. Implementing these technologies, the robot can draw larger and more well-drawn painting without any infra or frame structures.

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