AIRCART, human-power amplification technology

NAVER LABS has introduced AIRCART at the YES 24 bookstore. The electronic cart delivers books from the warehouse to the store. It was named ‘AIRCART’ because the motor automatically increases its power giving the impression that the cart is gliding, even when carrying heavy objects. Equipped with an automatic breaking system, it’s safe to go up and downhill. As bookstores can be busy places, AIRCART has been designed so that cart users can easily detect if there’s sufficient space in front of the cart to prevent collisions and for the safety of small children. The shelves of the cart are tilted inwards so that more books can be loaded and that they don’t fall out.

AIRCART is equipped with physical human-robot interaction (pHRI) technology, a technology used in wearable human power amplifiers. The movement of the cart (momentum and direction) is controlled in real time by identifying the user’s intentions through the power sensor on the cart handle. This makes it easy for anyone to use AIRCART with no prior experience.

NAVER LABS research in location and mobility is driven by the desire to provide natural, useful every day services that impact people’s lives and its research in robotics is no exception. AROUND and AIRCART are two examples of technologies that add value to people's lives.

The NAVER LABS robotics team will continue collaborating with partners and entrepreneurs so that people can profit from new ambient intelligence services and products.

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