Company ethics/standards

NAVER LABS shall uphold the ethical standards established by the Company and is committed to exercise these standards and make sound judgements

Company ethics/values

Based on the Company’s commitment to ethical standards of honesty and sincerity, Naver Labs strives to embody the core values and take responsibility for making sure that our business decisions and actions comply at all times with the spirit as well as the letter of this Policy. Naver Labs works to be a reliable company and stay accountable to our employees, customers, shareholders, cooperative firms, and society by practicing fundamental ethics.

기업윤리 추구가치
Humility and
Mastermind Spirit
Employees shall work for the company with a mindset to represent the Naver Labs and maintain a humble attitude both in official and private circumstances.
Creation and
Employees are not to be satisfied with the status quo and current accomplishments and create works that reflect the optimal values of the company through creative and innovative thinking.
and passion
As a part of the Company philosophy, employees shall pursue a motto that those who do not challenge themselves cannot accomplish anything and make an effort to challenge and achieve their work with dedicated passion.
Avoid conflicts of interest
with the company
Employees shall clearly keep their public and private lives separate and make sure not to engage in any private activities or relationships that conflict with the interests of Naver Labs.
Create transparent
organization culture
Employees shall make an effort to create a work place where personal attitudes are respected and take measures to achieve seamless communications and mutual trust while avoiding negative language, physical, or visual behaviors in addition to socially and culturally biased thoughts or displeasure against others.

Naver Labs Company Ethical Standards

Values for
We are committed to delivering value to our customers and believe that the creation of value for customers will contribute to the growth of Naver Labs.
New and true value that is practical, useful, and satisfies customers is continuously created.
Respect of
We value the network on which we interact with customers. We respect and uphold the opinions of our customers and work to consider the perspective and behavior of our customers.
Protect customers We are committed to protecting the information, reputation, and intellectual property of our customers as we recognize their value.
Protect interests
of shareholders
We maximize the value of our company through transparent and efficient management, continuous innovation and share the outcomes with our shareholders. We respect the rights of our shareholders and uphold their valid requests and suggestions.
Disclose managerial
We actively report company information including managerial contents and business activities according to related laws. We value and respect how we interact with customers through the network. We maintain transparent and accurate accounting record systems according to generally recognized accounting criteria.
Cooperative firms
Internet ecosystem
We apply fair and reasonable guidelines when selecting firms for collaborations and business development. We strictly evaluate the performance and qualities based on the same criteria and deliver them to the relevant cooperative firms. All transactions are performed fairly and equally in identical situations. We strictly avoid any unfair practices and do not take advantage of our position in transactions. We recognize cooperative firms as a strategic partner based on mutual respect and work to pursue our mutual development and common interests.
Protect information
of our partner firms
Our priority is to protect the information and sales secrets of our partner firms and to only use this information for legal purposes and in accordance with any established agreements with our partner firms. We shall not acquire or utilize non-disclosed information or sales secret from other companies through unfair routes.
Abide by laws
and social norms
We obey all laws, social norms, and accounting guidelines in Korea and abroad where social activities are performed and also respect the cultures and commercial transaction practices in local areas. We obey international guidelines and laws related to human rights and the environment.
Contribute to social
development and
transparent culture
As a corporate citizen, we perform the obligations of developing opportunities or employment, reporting taxes, and enrich the lives of humankind with sincerity by creating new global networks by continuously working to create value. With activities, education, culture, and welfare business, we contribute to fulfill our social responsibilities, recommend transparent social volunteering activities of employees, and make an effort to institutionally required support. Considering the social and cultural harmfulness of services provided by Naver Labs, we actively reflect the value of forming transparent culture in local communities when proceeding managerial activities including the protection of juveniles. We do not discriminate against people or have biased thought for any reasons including the nationality, religion, locality, gender, or physical conditions.
Maintain political
Naver Labs does not participate in political activities and does not directly or indirectly contribute or support political groups or parties in elective offices. We do not allow the use of our organizations, manpower, or facilities for political causes or activities.
Board members
Our managerial activities are based on a foundation of respect and developing the mutual trust of our employees. We create the highest quality welfare policies and working environments and take the greatest efforts to reward and ensure that all the employees in Naver Labs may lead meaningful and fulfilling lives at our Company. We establish policies to ensure the safety and health of employees and follow related international guidelines or laws.
Rational and
fair treatment
We rationally evaluate and compensate all the employees in terms of their ability and performance and provide equal opportunities so that Naver Labs and our employees can grow together. We recommend self-improvement activities and actively provide employees with opportunities to learn skills needed to perform their duties and also cultivate their talents over the long-term.