NAVER's CES 2019 Booth Sketch & Demonstrations of AMBIDEX and AROUND G

NAVER has proudly unveiled its booth at CES 2019. The booth is located in the Central Plaza of Tech East.
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■ Ambidex Demonstration - The World’s first 5G brainless robot

AMBIDEX, which uses innovative cable-driven mechanisms, is a robot arm capable of interacting safely with humans. Working together with Qualcomm, NAVER LABS successfully demonstrated the 5G capabilities of AMBIDX at this CES. The advanced technology enables precise control over the robot using the low latency of 5G networks, and does not require high performance processors.


■ AROUND G Demonstration - The culmination of xDM platform technologies

AROUND G is an autonomous guide robot that provides guidance in large indoor spaces such as shopping malls, airports and hotels. It is the culmination of technologies being researched under the xDM platform, including HD mapping, visual localization, robotics, AI, and AR navigation. A distinct feature of the robot is that it functions smoothly as an autonomous guide using the deep reinforcement learning algorithm, without having to rely on expensive laser scanners.


■ NAVER LABS’ diverse location & mobility intelligence technologies

NAVER’s booth is largely comprised of an indoor section and an outdoor section. This concept mirrors the characteristic of location and mobility intelligence technology, which functions seamlessly across indoor and outdoor environments. The exhibition features NAVER LABS’ key research outcomes, ranging from on-the-road R1 to indoor autonomous robots.
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