NAVER LABS and HERE partner on autonomous indoor semantic mapping

NAVER LABS has signed a Memo of Understanding with HERE to develop autonomous 3D indoor maps. Key to the creation of these maps is NAVER LABS Scalable & Semantic Indoor Mapping (SSIM) technology.

The development of indoor maps relies heavily on human manual work making them not only lengthy and expensive, but also difficult to keep up to date. Our advanced SSIM technology is going to provide an efficient solution to automatically update Points of Interest (POI) in indoor environments where the information changes all the time.
The blueprint for autonomous indoor mapping with HERE and SSIM is as follows:

  • A 3D high resolution map is created with the laser scanner and high-performance camera of the mapping robot M1 which moves across the indoor area
  • Data on the indoor space is continuously collected by the AROUND service robot
  • The data AROUND collects is then analyzed by AI technology which detects any changes in the environment and updates the service in real time. We expect this automatic solution to revolutionize how indoor maps are created and maintained.

Together with HERE, we’re ahead of the proof of concept of advanced SSIM. Thanks to this project we’ll be maturing the SSIM technology and expect to develop a cornerstone for indoor map construction and the foundation of future innovations.

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