Ethical Practice Agreement of our Partner Companies

Naver Labs Corporation enforces ethical practice agreements to maintain and respect our partners as allies in managerial activities and work to grow together through transparent, fair transactions, and mutual cooperation. (implemented as of January 16, 2017)

Naver Labs Corporation and our partners obey laws and maintain ethical standards for monetary transactions and the exchange of goods in a transparent and fair manner.

Naver Labs Corporation is not involved in any of the behaviors that hinder our partnerships including the request/receipt of money, valuables, or benefits from partners nor do we exercise unfair influence against our partners.

If partners violate this agreement through undue pressure on employees of Naver Labs Corporation, and if these behaviors are reported to Naver Labs Corporation, we will protect the reporting employee from discrimination according to the ‘instructions for protection of whistleblowers and prohibition of adverse actions’.

Naver Labs Corporation shall take actions to discipline the reported employees of Naver Labs if claims reported by our partners are verified to be true and shall provide adequate compensation to our partner according to the ‘compensation policies for reporting companies.’

Responsible report

Naver Labs Corporation is currently managing a reporting system that records the employees’ report history to the Company if they are treated with meals, gifts, or special benefits from partners in order to establish transparent and honest corporate culture.